A 42-Month Plan

MOZART aims to achieve its ambitious objectives following a 42 month workplan divided into 8 work packages.


WP1: Management & Coordination

Duration: Months: 1-42
Leader: Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI)

The target of WP1 is the smooth implementation of the project. This includes planning, organization, and review of management, activities, financial and legal aspects, such as the consortium agreement, distribution of funding, financial issues (budgets/costs), technical reporting and deliverables, and communication with the European Commission.

WP3: In silico approaches

Duration: Months 4-36
Leader: Asociacion de Investigacion Metalurgica del Noroeste (AIMEN)

The WP3 will develop a methodology for coatings design based on correlations between electrolyte compositions and coating properties. A hybrid dataset with data deriving from simulation and experiments will be integrated, while AI models will be developed, and computational models and experimental studies will be performed.

WP5: Development of Hard Chromium (HC) alternative coatings

Duration: Months 4-42
Leader: POLIMI

The main goal of WP5 is to develop the composite electrolytes based on SSbD strategy defined and to upscale and optimize the production of composite coatings alternative to HC.

WP7: Sustainability assessment and market replication

Duration: Months 1-42
Leader: University of Birmingham (UoB)

The scope of the WP7 is to assess the implementation of Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) principles based on ECHA’s guidelines, as well as on Life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle cost (LCC) analysis and recyclability assessment.

Workpackage Structure

WP2: Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) strategy

Duration: Months 1-18
Leader: Creative Nano (Cnano)

The WP2 will define the specifications and requirements of the MOZART technologies and translate them in materials solutions that will meet the end users’ needs, while fully respecting SSbD priorities and principles.

WP4: SSbD use of particles in plating process

Duration: Months 4-36
Leader: Cnano

The target of WP4 is the integration and handling of nanoparticles (NPs) in the plating lines, which is a crucial step for achieving high quality coatings, as well as for the overall safety and sustainability of the process. Therefore, this WP will take the necessary steps for a safe integration and sustainable usage of composite electrolytes.

WP6: Demonstration Activities

Duration: Months 30-42
Leader: Kampakas (KAMP)

WP6 targets to produce the demonstrator coated objects based on the MOZART coatings as optimized in the previous WPs. The coated demonstrators will be tested in the laboratory, as well as in relevant environments based on the QA/QC protocols of the end users.

WP8: Dissemination, Exploitation & Communication

Duration: Months 1-42
Leader: AXIA Innovation GmbH

WP8 aims to further develop and implement the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plan of MOZART. The Communication activities will promote the project itself and its results to multiple audiences, including the media and the general public. Aligned with that, through targeted Dissemination activities the results of the project will become available to various stakeholders, considering IPR confidentiality. Finally, the Exploitation activities will include actions for the utilization of the project’s results in further research activities as well as the development of the necessary preconditions for the commercialization of the most promising products and processes.

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