Social Science Event by Cnano

Our partner Cnano hosted a social science event, in Athens

On September 26th our partner Creative Nano (Cnano) organized a Social Science Event for disseminating MOZART, inviting all the consortium members, other relevant projects (FreeMe, Pure Nano, SABYDOMA, NanoPat, and 3Dplate) in the field of surface plating, sustainability and circularity, and several invitees from the academic community and industrial market. The citizens engagement event was organized in the context of the 4-month consortium meeting of MOZART, which took place in the same period in Athens. The participants had the opportunity to strengthen their network, socializing and exchanging opinions on the project and on challenges of the relevant sectors, over a pleasant dinner, celebrating also the birthday of the project’s coordinator. A scientific corner was built to show the project’s roll-up and distribute its flyer to make the participants more familiar with the project’s main concepts, applications, and impacts.

The MOZART partners had some fruitful discussions and ended the event even more motivated to keep working towards the project main goal of making the surface industry safer and more sustainable.

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