MOZART green approach

SSbD Concept SSbD in MOZART

According to the The European Chemical Industry Council, “Safe and Sustainable-by-Design” (SSbD) is seen by the European Union as a process to speed up the market adoption of new and alternative chemical products and technologies that provide consumers more confidence concerning their safety, environmental and societal benefits, and leverages the shift towards a circular economy and climate-neutral society.

The MOZART’s approach will be to continuously evaluate all aspects of the project for compliance with the most up to date SSbD principles. This will take place dynamically as the project runs, evaluating inputs and products using SSbD criteria.

Considering that, MOZART will support the integration of its technologies and advancement into the industry and facilitate the adoption of the SSbD frameworks by developing a web-based Decision Support Tool (DST). The tool will incorporate the principles of optimization-based mathematical modelling and ontology theory, in order to produce guidance for interested industrial end-users on how to identify the optimal selection of the type of coating to be produced, alongside with various production parameters, such as the type of current to be considered, its density and the chemistry bath. Overall, the DST will enable end-users to exploit MOZART’s Safe and Sustainable technologies, ensuring the alignment of their products, materials, and processes with the “by-Design” concept.

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