Optofluidic force induction as a process analytical technology – Publication

Optofluidic force induction as a process analytical technology

We’re excited to announce another scientific milestone within our project! Our partners at Brave Analytics GmbH have just released a research paper titled “Optofluidic force induction as a process analytical technology.” in the p Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry journal, reaffirming the incredible advancements made by our collaborative team.

For an in-depth read, check out the full journal article here:

The paper presents a new developed method called ‘Optofluidic Force Induction’ (of2i) that helps manufacturers make nanoparticles better. It lets them see and control important factors like particle size and concentration in real-time, which is important for making high-quality products. This method is faster and more accurate than traditional ways. It works for different kinds of particles and can even show changes in real-time while making things like oil-in-water mixtures. It’s a useful tool for improving many different processes.

Dive into the world of process analytical technology, optical forces, and nanoparticle characterization. It’s research like this that paves the way for a more sustainable future.

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