NTUA at Researcher’s Night 2022

On September 30th, 2022, from 5 pm to 10 pm, the MOZART project was disclosed at the Researcher’s Night, held in the Patission Historical Complex of our partner National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The Researcher’s Night is an initiative of the European Commission that happens every year welcoming more than three million visitors in 30 countries and more than 400 European cities, with the aim of familiarizing the public with the wonderful world of Research. This year, the framework of the European program was “MARIE: My awesome research is for everyone!”.

The Researcher’s Night in Greece under NTUA‘s coordination aims at the future and it focuses on the transmission of research to society with young people being in the front line, the creation of jobs for highly qualified scientific staff, the support of entrepreneurship among young students, as well as promoting start-ups for the real economy.

NTUA presented the MOZART concept and distributed its flyer to a large audience of students, researchers, and curious visitors. More than 15,000 people toured the 150 virtual, interactive and demonstrative laboratories showing the research and innovation developed by all the Universities and Research Centers of Attica, all the Schools of NTUA and many interdisciplinary organizations, with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

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