MOZART Multidisciplinary Approach

The MOZART project’s main concept deals straight with electrodeposition, which is naturally an interdisciplinary field, especially when combined with nanotechnology. Thus, in order to deliver such multidimensional expertise different disciplines should be combined. In this regard, to achieve MOZART’s objectives a large range of experts from different areas meet and collaborate. Check out the main disciplines and their role in the project.

Disciplines and their roles in MOZART

Development of bath formulations, compatibility of chemical compounds, nanoparticles (NPs) functionalization.

Laboratory chemistry glassware on green toned background

Application of ultrasonication for de-agglomeration of NPs, hydrodynamic conditions in fluids.

Water drop falling into water making a perfect concentric circles. Abstract blue background.

Materials Science
Understanding hardening mechanisms
in composite materials based on structure
and composition, characterization of materials’ properties,
and correlation between them.

3D illustration. atom connection concept. Abstrack background. Science Wallpaper screensaver

Artificial Inteligence (AI) / Modeling & Simulation
Development of AI predictive modeling,
the correlation between structure/ production parameters/ properties, simulation/ optimization of the electroplating process.

Design and implementation of plating line modifications, electroplating process.

Toxicity screening utilizing in vitro cell-line models and a mini-release accelerator device.

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