MOZART Dissemination at P&E Coating 2022

P&E Coating Days, in Italy

P&E Coating Days is an event dedicated to the innovation in the field of Surface Treatment, mainly focused on ecoCoating, powder coating and new surface treatment technologies. The event aims to be a meeting point for the exchange of knowledge to encourage the development of real technological innovations.

This year’s event took place in Milan, Italy, during 26th and 27th of October. Our partner ASFIMET disseminated MOZART at P&E Coating Days with a booth, where they had the opportunity to present the project and distribute our flyer to the visitors, for them to get to know the project in more detail. The surface and coating industry is the main targeted industry for the applications of the MOZART technologies. Therefore, to expose the project in events involving members of this industry is extremely relevant, since it can attract stakeholders and broaden the MOZART community, expanding the scope of the project’s impacts.


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