3 End-users

The novel coatings will be tested in relevant environments, as well as in the laboratory through different demonstration activities presented below, based on protocols suggested by the end users.


  • Machining

KAMP will be conducting responsible for the coated demonstrators in helical gears. Such systems are used in various types of motors. The application of coatings is targeting aspects like corrosion, rust prevention, wear resistance, as smoothing the surface roughness and reduction of friction. In MOZART, the target will be to identify the most suitable Ni/2D NPs composite coating based on the reinforcing mean (Gr, WS2, MoS2).


Coskunoz Kalip Makina (COS)
  • Manufacturing

COS will be leading the manufacturing demonstration activities. The coatings will be applied in stamping dies, which are precision tools that cuts and forms sheet metal into a desired shape or profile. In the scope of MOZART project, the target will be not only to replace the HC process but also to increase the die lifetime as well as to investigate the repairability of the MOZART coatings.


DIAD Group
  • Automotive

DIAD will be the main actor in the demonstration activities for the automotive industry. The novel coatings will be applied in piston rods, which are used in car engines to join a piston to the crosshead and thus, to the connecting rod that drives the crankshaft. The main concern about the coatings commercially available for this kind of piece regards the hardness, wear, and corrosion resistance. In MOZART, more durable coatings will be applied and tested.

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