Important Achievements

Month 6 of the MOZART project is coming to an end and some important deliverables and milestones have been achieved within the expected deadline.

In the context of WP2: Specifications & Requirements based on SSbD strategy, the Specification & Requirements report containing the materials and methods and the end user’s specification was submitted by M4 by Creative Nano with the collaboration of the whole consortium. Aligned with that, the first milestone was reached: the agreement upon specifications and requirements by all partners.

Related to WP8: Dissemination, Exploitation & Communication, we have worked on:

  • A report on updates and implementation of the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation Plan, IPR activities, and clustering, elaborated by AXIA Innovation in close collaboration with all partners, and
  • A report containing the Data Management Plan, elaborated by the University of Birmingham, also with the participation of all beneficiaries.

Both of them will be submitted by the end of M6.

The MOZART consortium is happy with the achievements until now and looks forward to the next steps of the project!

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