Innovation and Sustainability

MOZART’s main goal is to develop high quality durable composite coatings as replacement to HC under the principles of Sustainable and Safe by Design (SSbD) concept based on Nickel (Ni) matrix nano-composite electroplating processes. Specifically, the project has 2 groups of objectives:

Technical objectives:

  • Development of stable composite electrolytic baths for plating two types of composite coatings: (a) Ni matrix with ceramic NPs (SiC, Al2O3, BC4) and (b) Ni matrix with 2D nanomaterials (Gr, MoS2, WS2).
  • Use of use AI to establish correlations between electrolyte compositions and coating properties considering computational hydrodynamic models of the plating process and integrating SSbD approaches.
  • Implementation of dry-experiments (in-silico) for optimization of nanocomposite plating and current density distribution in the plating tank, ensuring SSbD methodologies.
  • Development of an on-line monitoring system for inspection of the status of nanoparticles (NPs) (size and shape) in the electrolyte, based on Optofluidic Force Induction (OF2i), including online safety monitoring.
  • Modification/optimization of an electroplating pilot line based on eco-design approaches for improving particles’ dispersity and reducing wastes in relation to SoA plating lines.
  • Development of 2 families of Ni-based nanocomposite coatings as alternative to hard chromium (HC) with excellent mechanical and chemical properties and low friction coefficient, by utilization of pulse plating regime.
  • Continuous assessment of compliance with SSbD priorities that integrate occupational safety and circularity and functionality of the coatings being developed throughout their lifecycle.
  • Demonstration of novel coatings, alternative to HC, in applications in manufacturing, machinery and automotive industry.
  • Provision of recommendations for the recycling of “end of life” of coated metal articles.

Market uptake objectives:

  • Identification of the exploitable results of the project and develop corporate business plans
  • Organization of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy and protection actions
  • Development of best-practices guidelines for use in the surface finishing (composited electroplating) related to SSbD
  • Development of a standalone decision support tool for the surface finishing industry
  • Liaison with standardization and certification bodies and related associations.

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